Why Walkabout?


Hi, I’m Dr. Emma Jefferies, I’ve always loved the idea of designers being part of a guild of nomads, learning their craft by moving from place to place, and studying with different masters. Like how it used to be…

So I got to thinking: What if we could revive that way of learning on a global scale? I could not get the idea out of my head and could see no other way forward. I began to see the world as a new place of inspiration, learning and fun! I partially blame my dyslexia brain: its way of thinking drives me crazy, makes me laugh, and always makes me see things differently.

Finishing a Design PhD was another motivating factor. This new vision of life would not only encourage me to complete the PhD, but would also allow me to explore things that were outside of my comfort zone.

The International Design Walkabout is an ongoing story of what happens when we seek to work with inspirational people in inspiring places, capturing a time when design practices are merging with other fields, and while both are shifting to better meet human dreams and our planet’s needs.

It has been a wonderful, life-changing opportunity for me to explore, grow, connect and share – and along the way to discover a passion for helping others come together to unlock their own creative potential.

I’ve a sneaking suspicion that my brain has been rewired now, so that it won’t let me stay in one place for too long. I invite you to join me and set out on your own Design Walkabout and spot the chickens on the way!

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